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Montier Photo Festival


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  "Amarok", a word which came from the language Inuït, means "the spirit of the wolf". This discreet animal, its senses always awake, lives in a pack and in harmony in its environment. It is in this spirit Amarok, symbol of a wild nature, authentic and preserved, that we design our trips, a spirit nature that we want to transmit. To immerse oneself in the great outdoors, in France or abroad, to thrive in the natural environment, to take the time to observe it, to understand it, to love it... These are the key words of our stays and workshops. Immersion will drive awareness of the need for immediate action on environmental issues. This new way of raising men’s awareness is a tool that allows everyone to act in a thoughtful way in their daily lives.   "Amarok - l'Esprit nature" is neither the result of chance, nor is it a phenomenon that is fashionable, but rather the result of years of experience and sharing in education, training, animation and environmental awareness. Travelling with "Amarok - l'Esprit nature", you will choose to travel differently to meet nature, combining strong and forgotten emotions with the pleasure of learning about life in wilderness.