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Aventure Africaine




  Aventure Africaine, is a volunteer agency specialized in environmental conservation projects in Africa. It allows volunteers to go on missions, to help save local wildlife on site, for a short to medium duration. They can join a rehabilitation center collecting wounded animals, a huge South African reserve, to observe the local wildlife in its natural environment, a project to reintroduce cheetahs, or an internship combining volunteering and training in wildlife photography.


   Dimanche 20 novembre 2022

   14h15 - 15h15


Presentation of the Conservation & Photo Internship offered in South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2023. This internship combines volunteer activities to participate in the management of the reserve and training in wildlife photography on the ground. The conference will be presented by Constance Fleury (founder of Aventure Africaine) and Alexandre Bès (professional animator photographer supervising the training on site).