Montier Photo Festival




  Born in 1986 in Montbard in the Côte d'Or,France,  I discovered nature in the large forests of Châtillonais, a privileged observation ground of Buffon Count and Robert Hainard. Naturalist by training, it was during my studies that I discovered wildlife photography. Attracted by the vast wild spaces, I particularly like the areas of nature still preserved and frequented where the wildlife can flourish. A passion for selfishness, photography allows me to share my observations in the heart of wildlife. I like to read the clues that lead to the search for the invisible, the emotion hides in the search.



Through this exhibition, I want to share a year close to the fauna of the Kerguelen islands. This archipelago, wedged between the roaring 40s and the howling 50s, is an oasis for the marine fauna of the southern ocean that comes to rest and multiply. A unique experience in these large spaces, sometimes desert, sometimes full of life. Apart from the «Port aux Français» base, there are no roads or trails in these vast wilderness areas. Distances are calculated in walking hours, sometimes made difficult because of a permanent wind that can be violent. This experience was given to me through the realization of a civic service within the French Polar Institute as a biologist/ecologist. I had to, in addition to the equipment necessary to carry out my missions, carry my photo equipment. With a hiking bag often exceeding 20kg, conditions could be difficult to reach study sites located several hours away on foot. But the prospect of living several days in total immersion with the local wildlife and capturing your daily life in the southern lights was an invaluable reward.

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