Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival

Marie-Jeanne NEIRYNCK


  Born in 1956 in the North - Studies in Business school ESC Rouen - Self-taught photographer. In 2007, after having worked 30 years in the textile industry (marketing and design of collections at La Redoute), I devoted myself entirely to photography. it started out during the destruction of the Metaleurop factory: I felt the need to keep a trace. This was followed by documentary series, first linked to regional history (War 14-18, Clarisses de Roubaix), then to nature (still life : flowers; vanities: pumpkins). Since 2015, I have photographed the birds in my garden, staged in specific settings (black background, pond, etc.).



The starling. At the beginning, I knew a little about it : it seems ordinary, sober. But its spots intrigue me:  Then I begun to photograph it in my garden. Observed closely, it becomes a subject of fascination and contemplation and I've been trying to know all about this passerine obsessively for two years, by staging groups on black backgrounds. The colours of this bird changes according to its age and the season. The proximity of starlings becomes obvious : CLOSE to us in our environment : they are everywhere, in the city, in the countryside, and all the people don't care about them. CLOSE to each other, always as a group and communicating with each other. CLOSE to us by the strategies they develop in group, to survive. Their existence remains a mystery after all, suspended between struggle to survive (autumn, winter, spring) and delicacies of the moment (summer).