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Savonnerie de Mareilles

Montier Photo Festival

The Savonnerie de Mareilles was born in 2019 in the heart of the Haute-Marne. Its objective: to bring its added value to the territory by developing cosmetic formulas incorporating a maximum of natural ingredients of proximity: vegetable oils, essential oils, Hydrolates, honey and saffron are the subject of partnerships with four farms in the department. The traditional method of saponification is [...]

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Jean-Michel Lenoir

A passion for nature from an early age led me to photography as a means to capture magical moments of nature and wildlife. Starting with wildlife and wide spacesI developed my own vision of photography. Landscape photography is an eternal quest for atmosphere where the light and the quest of beauty are key refe- rences, my aesthetic landmark. My photographic intention relies on my magnetic attract [...]

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Self-taught sculptor, who has been working on the Savonnières stone for about ten years, and making animals, then dyed with pigments. [...]

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The Rambouillet FESTIPHOTO is organized every two years by a group led by the FFRO (festiphoto de la forêt de Rambouillet organisation). Two local Nature associations joined us for 2023, the CERF78 and "les marcheurs cueilleurs" . Local photo clubs also participate in the organization. Exhibiting for Preserve is the mission of our event. [...]

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For Olivier Grunewald, photography is as much a pretext for plunging into the heart of earthly forces as it is an objective in itself. His quest? To capture the world as it was in the earliest days of its creation. For over thirty years he has explored the wildest reaches of the planet in search of erupting volcanos, shifting light, and fleeting scenes of animal life. His work has won multiple Wor [...]

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Elisabeth GAILLARD

Native of the Reims region, I have always felt in harmony with nature. I llike the silence of the forest, feeling the humus, hearing the song of a bird, the mocking cry of the woodpecker, the rustling of the leaves under the caress of the wind, sneaking across a deer or wild boar, finally simply feeling the life that surrounds me. I like walking on limestone lawns where flowers and butterflies blo [...]

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