• Montier Festival Photo - Olivier LARREY
  • Montier Festival Photo - Hervé TEXIER
  • Montier Festival Photo - Jean-Philippe DELOBELLE
  • Montier Festival Photo - Tibor LITAUSZKI
  • Montier Festival Photo - Szabò GEZA ATTILA
  • Montier Festival Photo - Franck LAVIS
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    Montier Photo Festival

    Parrains 25ème Festival

    25 ans, 3 parrains ! Steve McCURRY Photographe américain de renommée internationaleFrancis HALLE BiologisteMarc GIRAUD Journaliste naturaliste...
    Montier Photo Festival

    Concours Photo Montier closed !

    The 2022 International Montier Photo Competition is closed since the 30th of April midnight! Thanks to all participants, partners, journalists and all those who linked the news about the competition! (more…)...
    Montier Photo Festival

    The Montier Photo competition from March 1st until April 30th!

    Montier Photo Competition 2022, international wildlife photo competition of the Montier Photo Festival, registrations from 1st until April 30th 📷 If you’re still hesitating to participate in the competition? 👇 Here are some good reasons to convice you to join! 👇 ...
    Montier Photo Festival

    The Montier Photo Competition by Olivier LARREY, 2021 grand prize

    The Montier Photo Competition is until April 30! Olivier LARREY, grand prize of the 2021 Montier Photo Competition with his photo "Course dans la tempête", sends you a little message to encourage you to compete! It's this way 👉 J-19 to take part : concours.photo-montier.org Co...

    MONTIER, Bien plus qu'un Festival photo !

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    Montier Photo Festival


    Photo exhibition in « The Citadelle » Michel d’OULTREMONT – SaisonJean-Pierre Frippiat – Et si on rallumait les étoilesPhilippe Moës – Quintessence AfricaGéraldine Chardome – Dans l’intimité des chou...
    Montier Photo Festival

    Les sentiers de de la Photo

    Les Sentiers de la photo is an open-air photographic exhibition. From July to November, the Haut-du-Tôt, the highest village in the Vosges, hosts, for the fifth consecutive year, an open-air photographic exhibition. More than 100 large-format photo...

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    Montier Photo Festival

    Common cranes

    To celebrate the return of the common cranes in our region during their post-nuptial migration, the LPO Champagne-Ardenne (Protective League of birds) organize an event during one week from 17th to 25th of october to get to know this bird that becam...
    Montier Photo Festival

    Lac du Der

    Do You want to discover the «  Lac du Der » and see the first migrations ? , do not miss the appointments at the Lake, by visiting the website of the « Lac du Der », in the Agenda section which advises you all the nature outings and also all...

    Touring Exhibitions

    Take a look at the diverse range of indoor and outdoor touring exhibitions we can provide for your event !
    The high quality of our thematic exhibitions will surely engage and inspire your audience ! They will fit beautifully into your event, be it cultural, scientific or educational.
    The Festival’s touring exhibitions showcase wildlife in all its forms !